Month: June 2009

>Questions and Answers

>Like the mercury levels in my beloved Delhi, the boredness levels in La Palakkad scaled new peaks during the last week and it is expected to rise even more. There is something about being bored that brings out the best in a person and he digs deep into his creativity to escape his plight. But Yours Truly has defied this convention and has slept more and more. It is during these sleep-induced stupors that I became philosophical and began wondering why I am doing all this. I desperately wanted an answer. But then I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and my whole viewpoint changed. Douglas Adams has pointed out in a rather hilarious way that instead of searching for answers to everything, we should first search for the proper questions. He has ridiculed how everyone wants the Ultimate Answer without knowing the Ultimate Question. An answer, however elegantly phrased, is incomplete without the right question. Mr Adams imagines the earth to be a gigantic computer aimed at finding the UQ. His point of view that human beings are the real guinea-pigs in this universal experiment is quite reasonable. The UQ has to be reached at by asking smaller significant questions on the way. It is this ability to ask questions that make humans what they are. A child asks questions to everthing,but as we grow up we ask lesser and lesser questions, thereby losing our way to the UQ. Our pride and other petty feelings come in the way of our natural curiosity and block our path. Those who ask questions throughout their lives become great.

Quoting Marvin,”It’s funny how just when you think life just can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does.” All that philosophy has made me even more bored. I do have to brighten up.



>Pact with the Devil

>Once upon a time, when the world was young and Yours Truly still believed in WWE (that is really long back, I swear), my best friend Mr. Sleep, came to me and told me, “See boy, the harder you try avoid me, the more will I keep you, so it is best to embrace me earlier and I may* leave you earlier.” The innocent fool I was, I did not read the fine print too carefully and did not read the “*-terms and conditions apply”. Those were the times when exams were a joke and regular studying was yet to be discovered. Soon I became a Kumbhakarna waking up only the day of the examination to go there, finish it as early as possible and continue my forty winks. Slowly as the world aged, the teachers became progressively evil and soon exams gave an opportunity to start praying, “welcome back Mr. God”. It was then when sleepless nights were needed and were rather scarce that I took out the old dusty records of my “Pact with the Devil” and read the fine print with a microscope. Apparently, early morning awakenings were only when the situation warranted it. According to Mr. Sleep, that meant the morning of the examination. Add this to my second favourite hobby-procrastination, you can understand my situation. So I turned to stimulants like coffee and tea, which I drank till the caffeine threatened to spill out, but these filled me up, and when I am full, I tend to sleep. Somebody please help me………………… . Oh no he is coming, I have to go now, or he may get angry.


>Books to Fanfictions

>As I have mentioned before, I LOVE reading. Once I get a book, I cannot stop until I have finished it. It is sort of a fight between us. I say “Aha, x pages finished”. He says “Young man, y pages are still left”. Inevitably I win, but the bigger the book, the longer the contest goes on. Though I thoroughly enjoy this “War of words”, two people are not at all pleased at this. One is of course my mother as I tend to forget everything with a book in my hand. The other person is Mr. Hunger who also gets forgotten. And he gets really angry at that. So he hits back really hard. Then it is left to my mother to do the damage control (which further fuels her anger). My addiction doesn’t stop at books. I am also addicted to computers. So I have clubbed the two and begun to read e-books. I agree, of course, that a computer can never substitute a book, but still beggars can’t be choosers. During the furore around the time of release of HPDH, I was madly searching the net for the supposedly leaked copies (sorry JKR). During that time I read many fanfictions and of course the brilliant spoof. I daresay the spoof was better than the original (of course minus the sex part in the spoof, not that I have anything against sex, but somehow Harry Potter and sex don’t seem to mix). Another good fan-fiction that I read was posted on Sugarquill. It was for the Order of the Pheonix. I have always felt that HP was sadly lacking in duels ever since Dumbledore and Voldy gave us a taste of it. But this book has some scintillating duels and some fantastic concepts. You may wonder that haven’t I outgrown HP. But there is something about magic which keeps me spellbound (no pun intended). Instead of focussing on what magic is being used to do, the author has focussed upon the nature of magic. She has categorised magic into two types, dormant which is called Aether and moving which is called Numen. She says that the aether is converted into numen when it moves through our heart (which acts like a prism). For any magic to be done, the heart has to be willing. Quoting her, “there are no dark arts, only dark hearts”. So a person who is at peace with himself can convert all the numen back into aether (like an inverted prism). That, I think is a fantastic concept. Any jobless person who is interested should go to Sugarquill and search for Pheonix and the Serpent. But have to go now, my best friend sleep is calling me.



>Dear readers (if there are any) (aha! the perpetual parenthesis pops in), I have to admit that I had a far more sinister reason to start blogging. As I told you, I am doing a summer training. But believe it or not, it is unbelievably boring. So what I am doing is that I am writing all my blogs there and then typing it on my Roci. Come on, PCBs (and monster ones at that) can only be so much interesting. Other than the Hindu Crossword (HC), this is my only respite. I have been an avid fan of crosswords ever since my father started doing them. Since the Sudoku in every newspaper available would have been solved by my grandma at the crack of dawn, I have to make do with HC. Also if the sudoku happens to be tough, then I have to wait till it is finished (as grandma dear would rather disown me than miss a sudoku). But I don’t think that solving a sudoku puzzle can be as satisfying as getting a word on HC. I have made it a habit of doing a Ganguly (read Natwest), every time I get a word. Fortunately for people around me, that is a rarity. Every time a word has been painstakingly worked out, I feel the same awe towards the twisted minds of the crossword makers that the police guy in Illusionist had. That WAS a satisfied smile. One of my cousins told me that the only reason he got placed was that he was good at crosswords and so was the interviewer. That certainly perked my interest. I also try to make my own clues and in sudden fits of inspiration or ingenuity, make several imba (according to me, of course) clues (for the uninitiated IMBA adj: short form of imbalanced but refers to a person or something which is too good. origin: gaming circles). One of my personal favourite clue made by myself has been “Elementary my dear Watson, elementary”. If anyone did guess, the correct answer is Holmium. My humble apologies to all crossword aficionados and Sherlock Holmes fanatics (the reason I apologised to Sherlock Holmes fanatics is because the supposedly trademark dialogue of Sherlock has not been made by him in any books or stories). Hey I am not rambling properly. Will do better next time.


>My first blog

>College holidays are going on and on and on. Lucky us but then this leads to several enjoyable (quoting myself) yet dangerous (quoting my parents) syndromes like the Laziness Syndrome, the Sleeping Syndrome, the Joblessness Syndrome, the Boredness Syndrome, the Pestering Syndrome …… . The list goes on. Though in my case the effects are subdued because of a summer “TRAINING” programme ( read as: going somewhere else and sleeping), all of them rear their ugly (or beautiful?) heads once in a while (as in one day). Trying to beat this hydra is one of the Herculean tasks that keeps me active. So I read, play games, watch television and daydream (personally my favourite activity). But then suddenly ( actually yesterday) reading my friend’s blog, I got the inspiration to start blogging. So I launched myself into the world of blogging. Quoting Dumbledore, “For the prepared mind, Blogging is but the next great adventure”, so I am become the Quixote of La Palakkad with my prehistoric comp as my Rocinante, fighting all ye evil bloggers and readers along with my trusty Sancho (read no one). I wonder when I will meet my Dulcinea. But then I am digressing (as I promised). So back to the story. I may write anything and everything that comes to my mind, so beware! Signing off for now, promising even more disoriented blogs.

PS: I like braces (paranthesis for the purer minds). Expect lots of them. If you don’t like them just read without them. Don’t ask me how, thats your problem. (((())))) ( just to drive in the matter)