Month: July 2009

>The Road goes Ever On and On


College is beckoning and the seemingly endless holidays are drawing to a close. As much as I enjoy college life, there is a sad feeling on thinking of stupid timetables, washing your own clothes and in short being responsible for yourself (The second one never fails to evoke a groan). The first time at the college was particularly sad. The warmth of my mother’s hug where I always secure, father’s presence where there becomes nothing to worry about as it will always be solved, and my little sister with whom I fight every single moment but whom I can’t let anyone else hurt, all were part of my first journey to the college. Well all this went into the backseat of my mind after the first few days, the “making friends” period, but it will always remain there. Though all this sounds cliched, it is true nevertheless. I guess this is all part of the “Growing Up”. A big part of my heart wishes that I was back to my school days, where the only thing that was to be worried about was the next exam. Even now, our lives are relatively sheltered, except that we are away from our parents. But come a day, when every morning has new worries, new bills to pay, then maybe college life will seem heavenly. Well, one can’t really blame a human for always wanting something which he doesn’t have, its only human. The same forlorn feeling has come back to haunt me though it will be my third year into college. But leaving sentimental matters aside, this year is going to be the year when the future will be decided, whether I will be just another casualty to recession or a young man with a bright future. Of course placements come only next year but the buildup to it is important. Working hard seems to be the only option available, something which I incidentally despise, but what else can be done. This is a short farewell to blogosphere as once in college, I leave Roci behind and have to wait till I get a laptop, which I hope is quite soon. Or else I have to turn to my roomies who I trust will be “Friends in need…”. Finishing my adieu with the great words of a great man…

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
Until it joins some larger way,
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

That’s all folks

PS: My blog seems to be chokeful of cliches but what to do…



>My training centre has been sort of a sanctuary for me. Sanctuary incidentally in both ways. In one way, it has been a place where I can seek shelter from boredom (I thought that I had shelter, but immediately realised my grave mistake). In another way, it has been a place where I could observe the working human species (homo worko sapiens), in their natural habitat. I confess that my opinion about the species is far from good. Doing the same work all day long, is for robots or machines in my opinion. If I was there only for a few hours, then they would have undoubtedly shown their professional side,but being their for the entire day, they must have decided to drop the act. C’mon, how long can a person keep up an act?!! So I could witness the Behind the Scenes action, the timed work, the untimed breaks, the small fights and of course, the inevitable boss-bashing. It has really been a learning experience for me about what to expect and what not to expect from work. Sort of makes me want to retire straight after studies. But what to do, stomach has to be filled! Expecting better from my job, when I get one (God knows when !).
Thats all Folks

PS My first completely solved crossword. Hip hip hurray!!!


>One of my fondest memories of my childhood is of my dear father reading me books. He used to insist that I read a paragraph and then would read me the rest. The usual fare was Asterix, Tintin, and all. While reading, he used to give different voices to the characters which somehow always sounded to be perfect for the character, like a deep voice for Obelix, a nice voice for Asterix, and an angry voice for the inimitable Captain Haddock. Thus began my love affair with books and I have to thank my Achhan for that. When talking about comics, Asterix has always been the first one that pops into my mind. Being illiterate in French, I have only read the English version, but original or not, the books are imba. Whether it is the naming of the characters or the double or sometimes triple meanings in the dialogues, everything leaves a mark. Whether the fights between Unhygeinix and Fulliautomatix or the sarcastic comments about Geriatrix’s age, the dialogues are just too good. And when it comes to Tintin, another of my favourites, Captain Haddock is the first thing that springs to my mind along with his choiciest swearwords. Talking about swearwords. Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles, look at the time!!! Have to sleep now.
Thats all Folks

PS: Forgot to mention the fact that I almost completely solved yesterdays crossword. But if the brainiacs at Hindu get even a whiff of the fact that I found it to be easy, they make it ultra-hard next time. Still hoping for an easy one.

>Back with a Bang

>Long time no see!!! Retirement? No, rather a self-prescribed break from the hectic blogosphere. Another fact was that it was a rather uneventful week. The usual stuff – got bored to death, missing my parents and my little sis, reading books etc. I was supposed to be studying about telephones last week. But who cares about stupid phones. Me and the person who was in charge of me, ended up discussing everything else but phones! I am really interested in the origin of everything. So we also talked about the origin of the different religious practices. My grandma, an authority on the subject is my source of information, and I always pester her about it. It is fascinating to know that most of the practices in fact, have very scientific reasons. Hence it is really sad to see the constant conflict between the religious and scientific leaders when both are just different paths to reach the same truth.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood….
Science in a nutshell is to study nature, so is religion. Though my knowledge about both is insignificant, I think that in the end both religion and science are about harmonizing with nature. The true power about a man in harmony with nature was demonstrated by a scientist-turned-preacher from I-don’t-know-where. He could pass almost a million volts of electricity through his body with the only hurt coming due to the burn caused by the high voltage. The electricity did not hurt him because it was at the resonant frequency of his body. This is similar to the concept that I mentioned in one of my previous blog about the nature of magic, about being in peace with oneself. I know, I have a tendency to drift to HP at the least given chance. But HP aside, the concept is truly fantastic- about being in harmony with nature. Aha, I have got a chance to do just that, let me attend Nature’s Call.
Thats all Folks