Month: January 2011

>A rather ambitious project


The last semester in college.

The last semester of actual “college life”.

The last semester of fun before the rat race becomes more hectic.

Feels good.

As if a mountain has to be climbed and I have finally reached the base camp. Yes, life will most probably be an uphill journey from now on. This last semester of pure enjoyment will I guess be like the rest at the base camp before the actual ascent  is attempted. Thus it seems to be a good time to recap upon how I reached this base camp. Hey don’t worry, it will not be a long drawn out narrative of all that I did since I began to remember. That is the job of my biographer after I become famous :).  I rather hope to write a series of blogs giving the most memorable moments and people I have met since my college life began. Hopefully there will be a blog on each semester, though my memory is rather faint regarding some parts :).

College life, especially hostel life has been a fantastic experience for me.  I learned many things that I would never have learnt in the not ordinary course of life  (engineering is the ordinary course of life now 🙂 ). I daresay, it has rubbed a few odd corners off me. When I joined this college I had no expectations other than maybe an IT job. To be frank, I had no idea what to expect from here. I had no idea what the standard of education will be, what type of teachers I will study from or even what type of people I will be studying with. My book of expectations was blank and was slowly written in as the days progressed. Maybe I had a small hope of making some good friends. Ah yes! I also wanted to be able to avoid alcohol and smoke. And of course remain a vegetarian.Thats it. And have my expectations been fulfilled? A big resounding yessss!!! I have met  many nice people, made many nice friends, at least some of whom I hope will remain so for the rest of my life. And of course I have always been able to say a strong no to both alcohol and smoke. And yes I have stayed a vegetarian though I am not sure whether that is something to be proud of or not. At least I now have more confidence in my ability to say no.

If I miss anybody or anything in my description, it is only my bad memory at the time of writing that caused that miss. I assure that whoever you are or whatever that happened would have been included if I had perfect recollection of everything that ever occurred ( in that case I will be a miracle and would be writing this from the confines of a lab with scientists poking at my brain). Of course the journey this far has not been a smooth ride and there have been my fair share of hiccups and breakdowns. But what is the point of remembering bad things? I hope to maintain a rather lighthearted account of everything though I hasten to add that I would have more often than not understood the gravity of the situation.

So keep visiting once in a while to see how far my project has progressed.




>One winter he sailed forth
Away, afar to the dark cold north
His mind set on the stories told
By voyagers young and old
He thought of that fateful night
When he ran away feeling light

Tales of treasure beyond measure
Filled his heart with great pleasure
Lands so beautiful with fjords and brooks
Mountains and forests wherever one looks
But most he dreamt of the chance to see
Herja the Great valkyrie

Her beauty renowned far and wide
As was her anger which swept like a tide
There was a hush when they spoke her name
All the noise it overcame
She rode upon a fair white horse
And ruled with force the mighty Norse

The journey lasted many a new moon
He raved alone like a crazed loon
Storms tore apart the humble sails
The thunder silenced his rants and wails
Hunger and thirst rent his mind
No land or ship he could find

One day he felt so tired and sore
He wept aloud and gave a huge roar
Cursed everyone who told him the lore
Decided to die and live no more
He ran and grabbed the only oar
But lo! he beheld a great white shore

He rowed afresh with hopes high
A smile on his face only so wry
Paddled so much he ran aground
But screamed with joy and jumped around
Saw a forest and went inside
From the bitter cold he wanted to hide

He strove on with much courage
Once again he felt young of age
Then there came along a fresh trail
Believed again that he would not fail
He walked and walked till he fell
Then awoke to the sound of a tinkling bell

Wonder filled him as he became
Aware at last of the splendid name
Of the place he found himself
Tended upon by a noble elf
Whereupon he went he saw great lords
For this was Valhalla the hall of Gods

He drank the sights and his soul was healed
Such powers the gods did wield
Once the wounds all did clear
Again the desire through his heart did sear
To see the Lady Herja great
He felt so sure it was his fate

When the lords heard his wish they smiled
They said to him, “Dear child
We hope you pine for something else
For her eyes deep as wells
Will blind your mortal eyes
We assure you we speak no lies”

But he would not have his wish denied
Peeked at her at a royal ride
The lady atop her splendid steed
She felt his presence and gave him heed
Blinding him before he would see
Herja the Great valkyrie

>A New Year Resolution

>If writing was a skill and poetry was an art,
If your wrote with your hand but put in your heart
Then I will say to you nought
My trust for you will not be bought
With any price whether it be peace or strife
For I cannot write to save my life

I tried and tried and tried and tried
Thought about stuff till I almost cried
Wrote pages and tore them asunder
Decided that writing was a huge blunder
And this becometh the oath that I propose
Come New Year I will not compose

“That seems odd” you might exclaim  
And of course you are not the one to blame
For people commit to stuff they care
And here I am shirking my share
But think twice and you will realise
Breaking resolutions has always been my vice

Is it the case of a double bluff?
Or is it just somebody in a patch so rough
Certainly he has got his job
With chances of earning without having to rob
Even his grades are okay now
And for that my friends I take a bow

But now I am stuck in a bigger hole
Like Liverpool when it bought Joe Cole
Then I sang You will never walk alone
But right now I am in No man’s zone
All my writing seems to be in vain
And it always leaves me very much in pain

“Is it something that goes much deeper?
Has he finally met the great Grim Reaper?”
Alas my friends if it was only just that
For this one I could only scream “Drat!”
As my Laptop my precious might kick the bucket
And leave me with my hair that I had plucketh

It served me well and I served it well
Everytime I scored it gave a huge yell
I loved it with every single cell
Saved it from hurt even if I was the one who fell
Thus it is with great sadness that to thee I tell
That I will never buy a laptop which is made by Dell