Month: April 2011

>The End of an Era


Nice to meet you folks again. What was I doing all this time? Where was I after promising something and then coming back after a while with nothing but a hastily conceived apology? Well I was doing nothing but enjoying. Indulging would be a better word. Being fourth years and all that, the teachers sort of let us off the hook. The classes were less, there were no more labs and hence afternoons were off and moreover either a Monday or a Friday would have so few classes that most of us considered it sacrilege to remain here. There you go a perfect recipe for Indulgence. There were regular visits to the folks back home who soon started wondering out loud what I was doing there. And of course. there was an unwritten pact amongst us to add another subject to the curriculum ECU401 Travel and Tourism.

Hell yes, we travelled a lot. Starting off with a New Year in Kodaikkanal after a visit to Pazhani (yes you heard the combination correctly), we went off visiting Kasargod+Kannur (Bekal or Baikal or some other funny spelling), Goa+Dandeli, and rounded it off with an amazing experience of food and wonder at Idukki+Ramakkalmedu+Achu’s house(where we felt the glory of The Cup)+Parunthenpara. And this was excluding the trips back home that I made almost all alternate weekends. I also managed to attend a few quizzes here and there with Asan and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

What else happened? Ah yes, this semester also had the whatshallIcallit “phenomenon” of Ragam which had among other things the most amazing ‘proshows’ by the Jai Ho team and Sunidhi Chauhan, tapping the energy of which alone would have solved the energy crisis in half the world. There were many other interesting events too, among which I vividly remember the StreetPlay of some team as well as the Fusion concert by All India Radio’s award winning team. Then there were some extremely difficult quizzes which I participated in and yes managed to come out feeling less confused than before. Even exams did not manage to dampen the air of euphoria that was present after Ragam

Soon began the entire sequence of farewells and treats. I had managed to miss every single one of my friends’ treats so there was no letting go this time. And yes there were enough treats left to satisfy me. First I think we had the branch farewell organised by the juniors of our department which went really well, the crowning point of which was when I was gifted with  a memento by one of my favouritest (Enlgish language is deficient accept it) teacher, Then came the Enquire(read:quizzing club) treat which was held at a really nice hotel. I finally met my second year and first year juniors. There were some funny incidents during the thing, and hell I even managed to ad lib my way through a speech. Then came the best: the branch treat. All of us sort of treated each other but I guess the time we spent together was more important than everything else. We spent a lot of wonderful moments in each other’s company, poked a lot of fun at each other and overall had a smashing time. That all has happened in one short (too short?) semester

Fourth year! Gosh! Seriously! Really can’t believe the time has flown so fast. It is literally the end of an era, and I don’t mean it literally like those idiots who say “that was literally mind-blowing”. I mean it exactly as how a word-by-word translation to another language would convert it. Well I am digressing, but you know old habits die hard. Talking about old habits, you heard about the new… oops! sorry, won’t happen again. Lets start afresh. Where was I, ah yes, The End of An Era. The college has transformed us from rather studious kids (oh come on! you were a nerd too) to dare I say, more responsible (snickering in the background) mature (catcalls) engineers (outright laughter). All right, maybe not so much responsible or mature or even engineers, ( I for myself will frame my degree and occasionally glance at it to confirm that I am engineer. But I don’t think anyone can argue that we have not changed from what we were when we came here. I must say I met the most wonderful people that I think I will be meeting ever. 
Thank you Varma, Achu, 4, Ubuntu, Shakku, Firdu, G, Mannan, BJ, Muru, Kurian. Jay,RoPo, Kops, Paaps,  GT, MK, Vindows, Allu, Klay Vee Gee, Ulesh, Vathsa, Abhi, Pamper, Asan (both), Annan and all my other friends for being the people you are 🙂
I guess this might be the last post I will be posting as a student of NITC. Even when I am writing this the feeling is not sinking in. Seriously! Or it might not be if I don’t study for the exams that are going on. So off I go.
Thats all folks!
PS: When I began typing this I was going to write “Since my life is so dull that the most exciting thing that happens in a day is when I score a goal from 30 yards out in FIFA( yes I do it!), I will be posting something when I do something meaningful in my life, like writing poetry or cycling cross-country.” But I guess its not so bad after all!!!
Toodles again!