Month: July 2011

To 3-D or not to 3-D, that is the question

Last Saturday night, I got a sudden phone call from G asking me if I was coming to HP and the DH part 2. Why not, I asked myself. I was not a huge fan of the movie franchise, with its inexplicable deviations from the books, wooden acting by most and the utterly horrible Dumbledore. But the movie was a good way to meet Achu, Papps and BleeJ and hey a movie at 100 bucks in Bangalore, I was game. So I dragged myself there, and sat down to watch the movie, with all the paraphernalia needed for the 3-D effects.

A slight background is needed for this. The first 3-D movie that I saw was My Dear Kuttichathan when I was very small. It was a wonderful experience, with flaming arrows coming at the audience, ice cream which almost seemed to be at touching distance and so on. I remember thoroughly enjoying it and therefore went and saw Chhota Chetan when it released. By then, the kiddish charm was missing and the fun was far less. Then recently I saw How to Train Your Dragon from Chennai and again really enjoyed it, though I suspect that it was more due to the animation factor, the witty dialogues, the splendid Nightfury and the majestic voice of Gerard Butler. And HP was the next in line.

A review of the movie is quite redundant methinks. Except for a few who managed to live in a well for the last few years, everyone knows the story of the boy wonder who is fighting an evil wizard. And I had very little expectations about the movie. I expected Harry to act as badly, Ron to look as stupid and Hermione to look as gorgeous  respectively as they usually do. I knew that the story will be good and expected a few deviations here and there. And yes, my My Dear Kuttichathan memories wanted me to dodge a few Avada Kedavras as they flew thick and fast out of the screen. I wanted to become the next Boy Who Lived. But I just became the Boy Who Got Disappointed. Not a single spell came out. Not even a teensy Expelliarmus, Harry’s wonder solution to all evils. I consoled myself saying that maybe I can dodge a few Death Eaters or maybe have Hermione within touching distance. But no. Nothing doing. The only thing that I got from the movie was a splitting headache. The movie was surprisingly good. And the few deviations there were were not as bad as before. But I am flummoxed by the decision to make it 3-D.

I wonder why it was made in 3-D. Yes, there was the depth effect but Hollywood has survived close to a century or maybe more without that. There is the moving with the times thing and yes there is the money thing. My knowledge of the technicalities of cinema like the screenplay, camerawork, and such is quite limited. Show me a movie with a decent story, camera not shaking too much and decent actors and I am happy. I am not the one to  judge the shadow effects or the amount of detail. The absolute layman that I am, can someone please tell me what is so special about 3-D. I mean what is the target audience, what is needed to appreciate a 3-D movie and such. I for one feel that this movie would have been much better without the 3-D effect. Till I understand that no more 3-D movies for me.



The Lull before the Storm

So life goes on at Tejas. Altogether a quite enjoyable time, I must say. I sense a lot of eyes being rubbed in disbelief. “Huh? Enjoyable? Work? How? What is the secret?”. Don’t worry friends. Damodaran has discovered no secret. No books on Enjoying your Work will be authored by Damodaran. The simple secret is that we are yet to get any work.

As you might know, I was scheduled to join Tejas on the 11th of July but was suddenly called to join on the 20th of June. Unlike what I thought, Tejas had no great problem that only the mighty brain of Yours Truly could solve. Hmmm, that day will come but currently it was just a matter of splitting batches into equal groups.  So we arrived 3 weeks in advance and underwent a sort of induction into the company, what it does, what are the important products and such. A Non-Disclosure Agreement that I signed prevents me from revealing how boring it was, but you can guess.

A positive thing about arriving early was that we got pay for 11 days. The company had opened an ICICI account for me and the stuff duly arrived at that account on the 30th of June- my first Pay Day. At this juncture, I remember a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

The Sister was gifted her first gift, the first piece of music that I ever bought and it had to be Taylor Swift, but such is life and the happiness of The Sister more than compensated for the shame I felt on betraying the greats and buying Taylor Swift. I also indulged myself by buying two books, both of which were duly finished within no time.

I finally met the fabled creature called The Manager for the first time. He was quite nice and explained about the organisation and promised us a lot of challenging work, when we were finished with our training. He just asked to brush the cobwebs around our digital electronics and also gave us some documentation to read, but he did not mention any deadline. I guess he expects us to finish all that when we next meet which is almost a month away. That is a lot of time! I got a cubicle and a computer but currently am perfecting my carrom skills. I have hit a few beauties but still am a long way off from any sort of consistency. As they say, such things don’t last long and therefore I am utilising it as best as I can.

Till later then, toodles.


Thanks to Amarnath, I have now imported all my posts on Blogger to WordPress. The procedure is as simple as clicking a few links, authorising WordPress to access the Blogger account and pressing the Magic Button as they call it. So if you have any desire to read what I might have said before, all are accessible easily.


Here I am!

Call me Damu. This might not become a classic for centuries after like the other one that started this way, but what is the harm in trying! If you know Malayalam and watch movies then “enganum biriyani undenkilo”. I hosted a blog on Blogger for two years but felt it was time to move on as I heard rumours about Google stopping Blogger to promote “+”. I decided to move to Tumblr as I thought it looked very nice. That statement might have informed you to the fact that I am still at an age when I want things that look nice but may not have any use. So I bid a hasty adieu to Blogger with links to my Tumblr account. Then I thought why not learn something about my new home. So I went to The Ultimate Reference and searched.

Imagine my chagrin when I found that it was supposedly a microblogging site. You might be wondering what is wrong with micro-blogging. Twitter is a chartbuster and everyone who has any pretensions to being cool regularly uses it to inform everyoe what cool things they are doing or broadcast cool stuff like the easiest way to become cool. But my experience with Twitter or tweeting as they call it has not been that good. I know it is my problem as I have commitment issues and seemed to use it only during exams. I did not want my blog, my wall, my precious to decay like my twitter account and therefore have decided to not use Tumblr (which after all is a micro-blogging site).

So there you are, I am on WordPress. I lasted more than two years on Blogger which is long considering how impulsive I am. As a result of that longevity I expect WordPress to survive longer. Let us see what happens. Here is to a long and fruitful partnership with WordPress, Cheers! As you can see, I have maintained almost everything as it was in Blogger, including the URL, which I have to say was one of my better inventions. So please continue following me if you ever did or start following me if you ever didn’t. Who knows, I might become a award-winning author one day and you can say proudly to everyone that you used to comment on my blog when I was a nobody. Nurturing budding talent and all that you know ;).

My first proper post will come soon.


Fare Thee Well

So the day has come. We must part ways. It is not your fault alone. I have met someone else. And has everything that I wanted. It was good while it lasted, but this relationship cannot last longer. Hope you meet someone else who is more committed to you than me. I will always have fond memories of you.
So long Blogger. But Tumblr  WordPress is so much more cooler than you. You can send over my stuff  here.
Toodles then.

Androgenic Alopecia


Yes, that is what it is called. According to the Ultimate Reference, it is described as follows, “In humans, this condition is also commonly known as male pattern baldness. In classic pattern baldness, hair is lost in a well-defined pattern, beginning above both temples. Hair also thins at the crown of the head. Often a rim of hair around the sides and rear of the head is left. This is dubbed “Hippocratic balding”. Rarely, the condition may progress to complete baldness”. Little did Arun know how close to the truth he was when commenting on a previous post, about me transforming to a balding something person. Yes that is exactly what I am slowly yet surely transforming to. Every strand of hair that pops out as I casually touch my head warns me of the impending doom. Each bottle of those miracle hair tonics smiles weakly at me as if it is telling me that it is good but not designed for such extreme cases. And I languish in the certain knowledge of what is going to happen to me.

Ah, the good old days, when the name Fountainhead was an apt tribute to It. The days when the visits to the barber were a necessity. My hair would have grown wildly and densely and would be protruding in all directions. The barber seeing me approach would give a loving glance of appreciation at the vegetation and grin widely at having an opportunity to practice his art. He would painstakingly set all the tools of his noble trade on the table and ask how short I wanted it to be with great apprehension. And I would give a regal wave and say with casual nonchalance “Bilkul Chota Kardo Bhaiya”. And he would give a huge sigh and begin his work. The battle of wits between the artist and my locks would follow and the wily barber would have to use all the tricks that he ever learned to tame the foliage. At any point of time, there would be a trimmer, scissors of varying shapes and sizes, combs of several textures and a bottle of water on the table. And the battle rages on. Slowly I start resembling a normal human being instead of Mowgli and finally it admits defeat to human ingenuity. The artist that he was, he would flash me a grateful smile for giving him the chance to prove himself ( the hair lying on the ground which was enough for a wig or too might also be a possible reason).

And we come to now. The necessity has transformed to a ritual, a rather farcical one at that. Something that we do just as to retain the old tradition. Like the kings still being called Your Highness and all inspite of being just common me (pretty rich common men yes, but still common men). A memory of something past. Sort of like going and renewing the subscription of the science magazine, not out of necessity but rather as a ritual, I go to the barber every two months. Why two? No idea. Maybe it is the second part of 42. Or half the first part of 42. The great number has many ways of manifesting itself and it is not up to us mere mortals to question that. So two months it is. The barber on seeing me gives me a look, at once a mixture of disappointment, disgust and disdain. Somewhat the look given to a student who inspite of his early promise goes wayward and derails from his path of greatness. He mutters to his friends,” Chai garam kar lo, main abhi aata hoon” and beckons me inside. I quietly ask him not to make it too short and he gives a grunt. Taking immense care not to disturb the flora too much, he pats the old egg here and there and sort of puts on a show for around 5 minutes. I pay him the charge, and walk morosely back, one hand on the mane which had challenged many a barber, the other hand trying to count the days before even this walk won’t be needed.