Month: September 2011

Mystery of the Happy Person


An awesome trip was conducted over the weekend. The details of what happened are still unclear but the victim – Damu (male, 21) is now seen to be deliriously happy and repeating the words “Dudhsagar awesome trek Rohilettan genius Abhayoppol awesome” in no particular order.


Rohil aka Tuppi aka Chettai– Uncle from the victim’s maternal grandmom’s family. We are still investigating why he calls him ettan(brother).

Abhaya (no aliases available)- Rohilettan’s wife, technically the victim’s aunt but as above he still calls her oppol(elder sister).

The above two are rumoured to be the masterminds behind this operation.

Rachana aka Ammu– Niece to the above two. Owns an awesome Ipod and clicks very good photos.

Ashwin aka Shutterbug aka Aniyan– Brother of Rohil. Is rumoured to be a sharpshooter.

Vinita aka Ammu & Uma aka Ani– Relatives of the victim’s favourite aunt. The inseparable duo, they have made a pact of answering opposite to each other.

Roopesh aka Maashu– Colleague of Rohil. The strongman of the group. No other details are available about him.

Crime Scene

Dudhsagar, very close to Goa, along the Konkan railway, isolated scenic location, with a waterfall as the backdrop, an ideal place for the crime of above-mentioned description.

Details of the crime

Though the important details are still not available as the victim is still having a hangover of that awesomeness, the following picture has been built by interviewing the suspects.

The victim is believed to have reached the Bangalore Central Station around 8 pm on the night of 16th and was met by Abhaya. The others except Ashwin soon joined him and were seen to have food at the ubiquitous Come Sum. The group caught the Rani Chennamma express but were seen by many bystanders to be waiting for a train while it was already on the platform. The victim was the one said to be the first to realise the mistake.

The group landed at Londa station close to 730 am of the 17th and waited for Ashwin to join them. Everyone except the victim had food and he was observed to be noticeably excited about the trip. Ashwin’s train took them further on to a station called Kullem where they were met by a car sent by Dudhsagar Resorts.

The resort, a brilliant place seemed to be rather empty and the group split into 3 groups as they moved to their tents/outhouses. The tents were fully furnished and the victim shared a tent with Ashwin and Roopesh. Rohil and Abhaya were in another tent and the rest of the girls in the third. The rest of the day was spent inside the tent of the victim and the group was said to be saying “Oh Hell!” several times over.

The place was also in an uproar over games of Dumb Charades, in one round of which the victim was said to have made a memorable performance in which he enacted one movie by enacting the dance in another classic movie. The food was reportedly quite good and all the suspects agree that the victim had a really fine appetite.

The group departed in the early hours of 18th to Kullem railway station where they caught a passenger train to Dudhsagar waterfalls. They got down at the station and after this the details get hazy. They walked the distance to the actual waterfalls where the victim was said to be quite astounded by the beautiful falls as well as the scenery.

The group then began the 15 km trek towards Castle Rock, a station close to Londa. Everyone seemed to be well-equipped for the trip as the masterminds had sent everyone mails about the things to be carried.

The victim made short spurts to the head of the group and would gradually fall back and this process was repeated many times over.

He was in a right fine mood and was heard to be loudly singing songs that he was hearing over a displayless mp3 player. Occasional stops were made to rest the tiring legs as well as to let the trains pass. The victim wearing a new pair of shoes was seen to be walking over the roughest terrain in order to “mothalakkal” (sic) the shoes.
Intermittent showers had the group sometimes under cover and sometimes sweating their way.

The group then stopped for a light lunch at a small station and were well provided for because of the ruthless planning of Abhaya. Rohil was earlier seen to be gulping down his packed lunch when the group had a small stop. The journey then continued though there was some debating over whether to try to get aboard a goods train a la “Chaiyya Chaiyya” with the group finally deciding against it. Energy levels were soon seen to be flagging though the enthusiasm was at an all time high. The group finally reached Castle Rock close to 430 pm with everyone dead tired but extremely happy to have been able to finish the trek properly.

They then caught a train to Londa and returned on the Rani Chennamma express itself albeit in 3 AC. The victim in particular was seen to be gushing over Rohil’s vision and foresight in booking an AC ticket to compensate for the arduous trek. The group reached Bangalore station close to 815 am on 19th and Ashwin was seen to be cursing the inefficiency of Indian Railways. The trio of Ashwin, Abhaya and the victim then departed towards the Sarjapur while the others went on their respective ways.

Handsome rewards including brownie points will be awarded for people with further information about the trip and especially photos. The photos can be shared by Picasa as one the suspects (Rachana) has already done.


And here I am

Eagerly checking the timeline of my twitter page, occasionally checking my mail, sometimes running off to play a quick round of carrom, rarely going to meet my mentor, and once in a while reading some study materials I wanted to read, here I am peacefully sipping a hot mug of tea waiting to be eventually assigned to my first project. Or have I already been assigned?