Month: February 2012

Parody of a Rhyme

The clocks strike thirteen on a fairly cool night,

I try fall asleep while still bathed with light,

Mad you call me and mad I may be,

But I find the glow comforting, it lends my mind free,

It wanders, remembers when sleep came too soon,

When I felt quite light, and over the moon,

I laughed a laugh that was cheery and bright,

And slept a sound sleep with nary a fright,

But now heavy with worry and stricken with gloom,

The darkness reminds me of impending doom,

Wherever I turn, my mind always found,

The memory, nay feel of that haunting sound,

Quite close to my head or maybe afar,

My ears tried to close but they couldn’t bar,

The hum, the horn, the maddening din,

A symphonic eulogy to all their dear kin,

They who died a death cruelly at my irreverent hands,

On my many long journeys, over varying lands,

Many a battle we must have fought,

Victories, pyrrhic, with much blood ’twere bought,

With a sting here and there, they have robbed me my health,

My nemeses, my scourge and my torment till death,

My plague and my curse and my innate foes,

Those pesky fliers, the mosquitoes.


Danke poetmaster and my Shifu Varma for going through my effort, and correcting where he saw fit. I have accepted a few of his suggestions and discarded a few.