Month: September 2013

An Idiot Abroad

Apologies for the most copied ever of all titles! But yeah, now I am an idiot abroad, to be precise in the US of A. Circumstances and a gigantic amount of luck has led to me being a student again. This time as a graduate student. It has been a rather interesting journey so far with its fair share of gaffes and idiocies.

After a heart-stopping weekend in which everything looked to be collapsing around me, it got better and I set off on 8th August to Chicago via Frankfurt. Things that I learned over this flight:

1. Fever and cough are not the best travel companions. I had contracted a bad fever and cough and was on heavy medication the entire week but didn’t recover in time for the flight. So was carrying an arsenal of cough syrups, antihistamines and antipyretics (tbh, I wrote this sentence only because I think anti-pyretics is a rather cool word).

2. Don’t drink Espresso. It is just bitter black water. Being a poor graduate student, I thought I will save 0.25 euros and drink the cheapest thing on the menu. I almost threw up! Finally managed to dump a ton of cream and sugar in it and swallowed it with pinched nose

3. Being a vegetarian is hard. Particularly in non-Indian flights. My connecting flight was United and god my meals were bad! And people don’t ask you what you want, they assume that you are a non-vegetarian and I almost ate turkey and cheese gouda. But thanks to my spectacular English, I realised that turkey meant some fowl play(wink wink) was on and asked for my dues. And was given the coldest sandwich I have ever eaten in my life, almost froze my teeth!

4. Airports are huge places! Frankfurt and Chicago airports had trains running inside to take people from one terminal to another.

5. I should not have watched all those English movies with subtitles on. At first I found the language really difficult to understand. But people were helpful and didn’t shout at me even though I said “I didn’t get you” multiple times.

6. The sun doesn’t set by 7 pm as a rule! Though my geography lessons had warned for this, I was still surprised to see daylight at 9pm

Finally after a long and tiring trip spanning 30+ hours (I had an overnight stay at Frankfurt), I managed to reach my friend’s house where I was planning to stay. Hat tip to the random senior I met at the university who dropped me off at home seeing my helpless situation.

My first thoughts about America are beyond the scope of this article and I might venture on it later. Suffice to say it is big, neat, beautiful, expensive (when you convert everything to your native currency) and polite.

‘Til Later