Month: April 2014


Be woken up by mom or grandma with a warning not to open my eyes. Be led to the poojamuri and in front of the beautifully decorated place. Be asked to open my eyes and take in the wonderful view. Be pointed out the different elements of the kani (view). Wake others in the house and lead them to the poojamuri. Be given vishukkaineetam by all the elders. Namaskarikyal all the elders. Enjoy bursting crackers with cousins while pretending to be too grown-up for it. Freshen up. Eat pazhamnurukku and kachiyapappadam for breakfast. Visit relatives and extort vishukkaineettam from them also. Sumptuous lunch with everyone and play kazhutha or bluff the rest of the day.

(Stay up all night trying to finish a project which is not working. Doze off in the middle. Wake up to the schematic of the circuit which is giving trouble. Struggle to complete everything and send a quick progress report to the professor. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and meet with professor. Skip breakfast because late for class. Sleepwalk through class because no sleep previous night. Go home. Eat leftover sabji and bread. Sleep all afternoon because dead tired. Wake up in the evening and wonder whether to go to college again or not. Dinner avilum paalum. Skype with parents. Sleep again)